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Our products

Overview of our World-class Freezers

Glory offers world-class equipment for the food processing industry. Our meticulous care for details and maximum hygiene places various types of freezers, glazers and water chiller units in a league of their own. Whether you are looking for singular units or full freezing lines, Glory products are durable, easy to clean and intuitively operable. We proudly present to you our range products:

IQF Tunnel Freezers

For the most visually appealing results, our steel belt unit offers quick turn-arounds without a conveyor footprint. Our mesh belt units are ideal for both single and multi-packed products.

Fully Synchronised Freezing Lines

For rapid freezing and intuitive handling through one operating system, GLORY offers a complete range of freezing equipment, perfectly attuned to each other.

Fluidized Bed Freezers

Perfect IQF for medium and small-size food, GLORY innovating fluidization promises a new and better way to enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables, and seafoods.

Air Blast Freezers

For the quickest temperature drop to your product core temperature. Supremely insulated, stainless steel. Combine our Air Blast Freezer modules to your capacity needs.

Contact Plate Freezers

Durable, securely water-tight full stainless steel freezing chambers that prevent corrosion and thermal loss. Hot gas defrosting option for quicker-than-ever defrosting.

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